Meet The Phoenix Scuba Team

PHOENIX SCUBA was established in 2002 with the aim of providing high quality service to the scuba diving community within Arizona.  PHOENIX SCUBA has gained not only the respect from the industry locally, but now has a long-standing reputation worldwide. As one of Arizona's premier scuba diving facilities, We offer quality service for the recreational and technical diving community.

With exclusive deals in Cozumel Mexico, FIJI, Palau, Chuuk, Philippines, Belize, Bonaire, Roatan, and Grand Cayman we guarantee you the best diving, not only in Arizona, but all around the world.

With over 65 years of combined experience the Owners strive always for the highest standards of quality in terms of teaching, safety and services. All our equipment is renewed every 2 years, to guarantee you comfort and safety.

Kelly Fischer- SSI Instructor Trainer & SSI Master Instructor

Steve Fischer- SSI Asst Instructor Trainer, SSI Master Instructor

Matt Klenner- Asst Instructor Trainer

George Herr- SSI Instructor, SDI Instructor, TDI Instructor

Jack Millward- SSI Instructor, SDI Instructor, TDI Instructor

Dan Wich- SSI Instructor, SDI/TDI Instructor

Chad Lynn- SSI instructor

Adam Russell- SSI Instructor

Dan Veno- SSI Instructor

Ryan Burris- SSI Instructor 

Neil Scott- SSI Instructor

Vic Engdahl-SSI Asst Instructor Trainer, TDI Instructor 

Terry Walters- SSI Instructor

Max Tseng - SSI Instructor (also Cave & CCR certified)

Dina Wakley- SSI Instructor 

John Shedler-SSI Instructor 

Eddie Byron- Instructor

Jay Harris- Asst Instructor

Jessica Frederick-Asst Instructor

Robert Frederick- Asst Instructor

Randy Waitman-Divemaster

Kevin Dodds-Divemaster

Adam Applegate-Divemaster

Sean Drake-Divemaster

Tianpu Wang- Instructor

Colton Herr-Burden - Divemaster PADI 

So start your Adventure with us today, get diving and change your life. Our dynamic team is here to assist you step by step... what are you waiting for?