All You Need To Know About Us


It’s not about the training agency that you’re getting materials from, it’s all about your comfort with your scuba instructor and the dive shop that you choose to affiliate with . SDI/TDI, IDEA, PDIC,PADI and SSI (Scuba Schools International) are only BRAND names for training agencies. The RSTC (recreational scuba training council) is a group with representatives from each agency that meet at least once a year to decide what is and isn't important for new divers to learn while getting certified. You will learn many safety things like mask clearing,neutral buoyancy and regulator skills and much more. Some people are stuck on BRAND and we understand. We would like the opportunity to answer your questions and get to know your needs as a student. We welcome your call 602-374-3206

We created our dive shop because we want to share the gift of breathing underwater with as many people as possible. We opened our doors in 2002 and have certified several thousand students.

We have a heated pool (88 degrees) at our dive shop. You should come and check us out. Every dive shop has a different "personality" and we want you to feel comfortable during your scuba course no matter where you ultimately choose to get certified. Please visit some dive shops and find the one where you feel most comfortable. 

"We would like the opportunity to show you that it is not a scary as you may think. Please give us the chance to chat with you and answer your questions in a non judgmental space and comfortable surroundings."

Steve & Kelly have worked in the dive industry since the late 1990's. They both share a passion for the ocean and the animals that live there. Phoenix Scuba is a place where you can learn to scuba dive at your own pace in comfort. Steve has been a certified diver for over 45 years and Kelly has been-diving over 20 years.